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Modern Thai food, Bangkok living,

​with Cocktails around-the-clock

me me bistro is your next go-to diner, if you also consider Thailand their second home, like we do. A bistro with Bangkok living vibe and good modern Thai food, at the heart of Hanoi.

Modern (beloved) Thai food.

We proudly present to you the new-traditional Thai food, the ones that are cooked and enjoyed everyday in modern Thai restaurants and cafes. It's creative in presentation and cooking techniques, yet still strong and balanced in all flavors. 

Bangkok living vibe.

We want to bring you the same experience we have, every time we go to Bangkok. It's always brand-new, exciting, welcoming like the this time we ever visited.

At me me, we aim to create that excitement for you every time you come.

Cocktails around-the-clock,

because tipsy is always a good thing to feel. me me bring to you a cocktails-and-dine experience, with each and every cocktail is tailor-made to compliment Thai flavors at its best. 


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